To make a floating island

Snippets from the Archives

For the month of September–the start of a new school year and my birthday month!–I’ve decided to share some fabulous 18th- and 19th-century recipes from an Irish manuscript recipe book that go a bit beyond your everyday desserts.  Some have fanciful names, like today’s, while others would seem at home on the set of Downton Abbey.  Enjoy!

To make a floating Island

Take half a pound of the pulp of roasted apples and half a pound of White Sugar finely pounded, put the sugar to the Apples & add the whites of 4 eggs the whites must be beat before they are put to the apples then all must be whiped for an hour until it comes to a high froth put cream in your dish and put the froth on it garnish with either red or green sweetmates add the juice of a small lemmon.

April 65 Burton Bersses

[This recipe is likely from 1765.  I have left the spelling exactly as it is in the manuscript.]

Citation:  National Library of Ireland, MS 34, 953

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